AmyAbout Amy

Amy is the redhead. Hailing from Wales, via Nuneaton, she’s a proper home cook at heart and an enthusiastic eater. Her favourite thing to make is flaky pastry and her go to comfort food is cheesy chips and beans. When she’s not cooking (or making vlogs on her YouTube channel), she plays video games, sews, and trains in aikido. She is a dog lover and saxophone player with a heart of gold. She works in digital.


About Ashley


Ashley is the blonde. She blames her long running obsession with maple syrup on the fact that she was born in Canada, though she is a Londoner through and through. Her favourite recipe is chocolate banana bread, which she makes for her colleagues regularly. You can win her over by making her anything with peanut butter in it. She (sort of) enjoys running, and spends her free time on photography and recipe testing. She works in communications and social media.



About Sammy

SamSammy is an honorary Greedy Girl. She is our in house designer and is responsible for our beautiful header. She’s got a real talent for drawing and an eye for designs that really work. She also has lovely hair, which Amy and Ashley are both jealous of. Check out her website, The Chicken Shop.