Got questions? Let us know! We know a fair bit about food, so if there’s a recipe that’s being stroppy with you or you’re just struggling with a certain type of cooking, ask us below. We’re more than happy to help if we can, and if we don’t know the answer, we will endeavour to find it for you. We publish the questions and answers we’ve already been asked below.

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What’s the ratio for a simple buttercream?

Butter cream recipes vary quite a bit, but if you want a very simple ratio, you can go with one part butter to two parts icing sugar (e.g. 100g butter, 200g icing sugar). You should whip buttercream for at least 2-3 mins on a medium speed to get the full fluffiness, but don’t beat it on too high a speed or you can make the buttercream go a bit slack. Our best advice is to taste it when you’re done – if it’s too buttery for you, add a bit more icing sugar. And vice versa. – AF

How do you make ganache? Mine always splits!

Ganache has a terrible reputation but it’s actually pretty easy when you know how. Amy and I made a video on how to make ganache, which will help you, but the best advice for avoiding a split ganache is not to overheat the cream. Warm it until it’s finger hot, then take it off the heat, throw the chopped up chocolate into it and wait for 5-8 mins so that the cream can melt the chocolate gently and slowly. Then, whisk it up and voila! Shiny lovely ganache. – AF

Where should I store my eggs?

Some people say eggs will last longer in the fridge – they’re never around for long enough to find out in my house! You can store them at room temperature in your kitchen or you can keep them in the fridge – the most important thing is that most recipes benefit from eggs being at room temperature, so make sure you take eggs out of the fridge the night before you want to use them. – AF