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Hello! How’ve you been? Had a good week? My mum came to stay on Monday, and I took her to Whyte and Brown off Carnaby Street. I wrote about it here. Ashley, meanwhile, was at a sweet dough class making teeny tiny croissants! She spent some time later in the week being all cool and … [Read more…]

Girls elsewhere

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Hello! It’s time for another round up of what Ashley and I have been doing this week. I went to see the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical on Wednesday. It was good! Especially since we managed to get front-row seats due to them closing the balcony. I also had a magnificent burrito (yes, the … [Read more…]

Girls elsewhere…

Dobby and Ashley

Good morning! It is Friday and that means I’m going to write a few hundred words on what Ashley and I have been up to this week. Let’s start with me, because Ashley’s bit is more interesting and so should end the post. This week I have posted a recipe for leek and lamb burgers, … [Read more…]

Girls elsewhere…

Amy and Ashley

Hello! It’s my first Girls Elsewhere of 2014. I’ll try to make it a good one. First, let’s talk food. Because we should always talk food first. I’ve been sharing triumphs and disasters on She Cooks, She Eats this week — a beautiful batch of cherry bakewell flapjacks and an awful mess of raw, oozy pavlova. … [Read more…]

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I love this.

Ooof. January has been a bit painful so far, hasn’t it? The weather’s dire, everyone’s back at work, and it’s at least 11 months before I can buy a Christmas tree again. Still, on the bright side, the days are getting a bit longer and I can *almost* feel the smallest hint of spring in … [Read more…]

Girls elsewhere…

Christmas girls

Hello! Amy here. Here’s a round-up of what we’ve been doing this week. Ashley and I went to see Stephen Ward on Tuesday. I liked it more than she did, but we both found the scene where the entire cast suddenly stripped to pants and vest (for the men) or bras and knickers and stockings … [Read more…]

Girls elsewhere…

Girls going crazy over gingerbread houses

Morning! I haven’t seen Ashley for a WHOLE WEEK, which is appalling and quite frankly unacceptable. Thankfully we’ve been doing things in our own lives, so I still have things to tell you about. Firstly, Ashley went for a run and managed to look absolutely beautiful afterwards. How does she do it? After a brisk walk … [Read more…]