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Hello! It’s time for another round up of what Ashley and I have been doing this week.

I went to see the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical on Wednesday. It was good! Especially since we managed to get front-row seats due to them closing the balcony. I also had a magnificent burrito (yes, the two things are of equal importance in my head. Nothing against the show, I just really like burritos).


On my blog, I did a summary of what’s in season in February, a Valentine’s day gift guide (full of stuff I really want, actually), and a video with my boyfriend Garry on how to make whoopie pies.

Ashley, meanwhile, hasn’t put anything on Peach Trees this week. She had a good reason, though. She spent the weekend with this bundle of fluff.

Ashley being licked by a collie pup

Oh, he’s so cute.

Collie pup


Collie pup

Look at those ears. I want to nuzzle them.

Screen shot 2014-02-16 at 14.06.43


Big, fluffy dogs are the best dogs. Don’t you think?

What’ve you been up to this week?

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