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Why, hello! It’s time for that weekly post where we talk about all the amazing interesting wonderful things we’ve been doing since last week.

Firstly, the blog posts. Ashley wrote up her recipe for cream cheese frosting, which looks absolutely delicious. I rarely make cream cheese frosting, as the urge to put it straight in my face afterwards is too great.

I want to eat it with a spoon.

I’ve been a busy bunny on She Cooks, She Eats this week. I shared my tips for a perfect night in as part of Cancer Research UK‘s The IN Thing campaign, a recipe for a macaroni, chicken and broccoli bake (which I nicknamed AWESOME PIE) and another for this baked marinara gnocchi with mozzarella.

Baked gnocchi in marinara with mozzarella

SO delicious.

I really do think Ashley wins on the food front this week. She is holding a Children in Need bake-off at work today, and LOOK at all the delicious things she’s baked for it!

Ashley's amazing bakes

I think we’ve got here…

Whatever it is, it looks absolutely delicious and I’m very sorry I’m not one of Ashley’s workmates!

We also went to a Comté tasting event, where I looked VERY ANGRY at my cheese.

Amy looking angry at cheese

And for reasons I’m still not quite sure of, I drew my boyfriend as a merman.

Garry as a merman

How was your week?

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