Girls elsewhere…

Well. I feel a bit like Ashley got it easy, last week. There was a PLETHORA of stuff we did together! This week…not so much. Although we did go tramping round Finsbury Park and Crouch End with the marvellous Lauren last Saturday, where we spent a very mature 30 minutes playing in the leaves.

Ashley and Amy kicking leaves

Photo by Lauren

Let’s start with what we’ve been cooking.

Ashley made a lemon meringue cake the size of her head for her boyfriend’s mother’s birthday, which she was very excited about. I think it was mainly the blowtorch. She gets worringly excited about her blowtorch.

Lemon meringue

I’m having a bit of a blogging crisis at the moment, mainly because my job is taking over my life and I’m not really cooking much. Still eating, though. I wrote a review of my favourite North London pub, and whipped up some chocolate filled and raspberry topped meringues which I devoured within 20 minutes of making.

Mini chocolate and raspberry meringue tarts

I also got very excited about the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, which I watched in the cinema with my boyfriend and which I LOVED.

Watching Doctor Who

Oh! And I posted a video – on how to make salted caramel sauce.

How was your week?

Love, Amy xxx

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