Best Ever Coleslaw

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I realise I’m making a big claim here, saying that this is the best-ever coleslaw, but it’s true. I have messed around with this coleslaw a lot, and it’s the best. It’s healthy (woo!) but also totally creamy and flavoursome. It goes best with something rich and intense and meaty like meatballs in a thick … [Read more…]

Chilli and coriander burgers

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Sometimes, you want fuss. Sometimes, you want frivolity. Sometimes you want something delicate and delicious that’s taken hours to craft in your kitchen. Sometimes you want pasta smothered in a rich, satisfying sauce. Sometimes you want a plate of food that’s been styled to within and inch of its life and including smears of things … [Read more…]

Individual cottage pie

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Alright. We all know cottage pie, yes? Meat, veggies, potatoes, topped with mashed potato and cheese. Delicious. It’s a good dinner, but not exactly special. It’s comfort food, winter food, eat with your family and then have a nap food. Nothing wrong with that, but I like to bring you recipes that make you feel … [Read more…]

Chocolate fudge cookies

Chocolate fudge cookies

Another week, another cookie recipe… I have no defence, other than I really love cookies. And so should you. Cookies are delicious. These are chocolate fudge cookies. The fudge melts in the oven, leaving chewy little melted pockets of deliciousness in these cookies. You could swop some fudge for chocolate chunks if you’d like, although … [Read more…]