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Morning! I haven’t seen Ashley for a WHOLE WEEK, which is appalling and quite frankly unacceptable. Thankfully we’ve been doing things in our own lives, so I still have things to tell you about.

Firstly, Ashley went for a run and managed to look absolutely beautiful afterwards. How does she do it? After a brisk walk i tend to look like a beetroot that’s been left in the cupboard for too long, after a run she looks like some kind of beautiful glowy goddess.

Ashley looking lovely

As for recipes, this week she posted a video demonstrating the Sage mixer, which she used to make this gorgeous ombre cake, and then a recipe for gingerbread men, which she viciously tortured.

Pretty girl eating gingerbread men

I, meanwhile, have been avoiding takeaways by making easy special fried rice with chicken – cheaper, better for you, tastier – not so subtly letting everyone know what I want for Christmas and drinking enough coffee from the coffeemaker in my office to send me into space.

Coffee in an office

But the MOST IMPORTANT THING in both our weeks this week is that our first of three Christmas videos has gone up — how to make gingerbread. I lost a lot of footage whilst filming this (damn you, Canon) but I think I saved it, right. Right? RIGHT?

Anyway, it’s worth watching just for my facial expression the third time Ashley bangs her head, and the fact that at the end you can see the moment when Ashley a) finds one of the Christmas presents I bought for her and b) informs me that she already has said Christmas present and my hopes and dreams are crushed. Enjoy!

(And by the way, there’s two more of these to come. And they’re much funnier)

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