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Hi! Welcome to our weekly round-up on what we’ve been up to this week when we weren’t busy cooking delicious things to share with you on here.

Ashley shared an incredible recipe for whisky truffles on Peach Trees and Bumblebees. One to bear in mind now that Christmas is coming up, maybe?

Whisky Truffles

She also gave me some very sage advice on life, living and love, reminding me that I should always ask myself “What Would River Song Do?”. When I protested that I don’t have River’s AMAZING hair, she responded with the following Snapchat.

River is a state of mind, not a hairstyle

Wise woman, that Fryer. And this led on to a discussion of whose hair I actually have. It was unanimously agreed that I had hair like Ariel from the Little Mermaid, which led to…

Amy is the Little Mermaid

If you’re not friends with us on Snapchat, you’re really missing out.

ANYWAY. This week, I shared a recipe on She Cooks, She Eats for some rather lovely peach and white chocolate squares.

I also did a post about what I eat on Slimming World, with a couple of excellent photos of me shoving hotdogs/Toffee Crisps into my mouth, and a video on how to roast chicken.


Ashley curled her hair and ate some absolutely enormous bananas.

Ashley on Instagram

Whilst I got all dolled up for a party, then only managed to take this photo of myself:

Amy on Instagram


All in all, a good week.

Love, Amy xxx

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